Homeschool Freedom is…

The right and responsibility of parents to direct the education of their child as they see fit, FREE from government funding, controls, or oversight.

– Barbara

The ability to give my children a custom education.

– Copper
Being able to nurture the gifts and abilities in my children in a healthy, safe, loving, God-honoring, and fun environment.
– Nancy
Pajama days, field trips at the drop of a hat, our own schedule, life skills training, and focussing on developing each childs’ giftings for God’s kingdom.
– Linda
Parents have the right and sole responsibility to oversee the upbringing of their children. No notification, no schedule or curriculum requirements, no funding, no oversight, no political agenda. Teach individuality rather than group think. No fear of expressing faith during school hours. Move at a slower or faster pace than “grade level.
– Johanna